Are You Seeking a Closer Relationship with God?? Consider making the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life: 19th Annotation Retreat

Retreat timeline: September 19, 2021- May 10, 2022
St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, developed The Spiritual Exercises and an adaptation of them he called The 19th Annotation Retreat. The retreat offers an opportunity to discover one’s deep desires, to notice God’s movements in everyday life, and to gain insight on how to discern the Spirit’s call within one’s life. The retreat teaches and practices Ignatian contemplative prayer practices which empower a deep, profoundly personal insight into the scriptures. For centuries, Spiritual Exercises have led people to find God in all things and to grow in intimacy with the God who loves them.

Requirements for Participation
• Men and women at least 21 years of age.
• A real desire to deepen one’s prayer life and relationship with God.
• A minimum 45-minute commitment to daily prayer with review and journaling.
• Individual meetings with a spiritual director, and willingness to be open with him/her.
• Attendance at twice-monthly group faith-sharing sessions and willingness to listen and share.
• Previous experience with daily prayer practice and retreat experience of some type is helpful.

Meetings Requirements
Faith sharing group meetings every two weeks on Sundays at St. John Neumann.
Ten individual meetings with a spiritual director to be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Application Process
Those who feel called to this retreat are invited to pray and discern before completing the application.
Applications are available below or at the parish office.
Completed applications are due to Deacon Willie Williams by Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Forms can be handwritten and delivered to the parish office or are faxed to Deacon Willie at St. John Neumann: 630-377-2834 or email to
Applicants are encouraged to have a conversation with Deacon Willie and/or one of the Ignatian spiritual directors at Bellarmine Retreat House, Barrington, Ill., to clarify any questions or perceptions about Spiritual Exercises. Notification of acceptance will be received by Monday, September 13, 2021.

There is no cost for the retreat outside of the nominal cost for materials and the heavy commitment of time.

Endorsements of The 19th Annotation Retreat:

  • “I was drawn to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises due to my desire to understand discernment. What I received was much more. I deepened my understanding of myself and the world through eyes not my own but through a different lens. I committed an hour every day to prayer, scripture reading, reflection, and journaling.  What a great way to start each day, with Jesus! … The structure provided me with a way to encounter Jesus daily and to explore myself as a person and a follower of Christ. My eyes were opened to a deeper love, acceptance, forgiveness, and trust as God’s presence was guiding me to greater understanding and personal healing. This journey is supported by the group and with private spiritual direction. … I would recommend the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises to anyone who wishes to open their heart, deepen their faith and grow their personal relationship with Christ. … Yes, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises is PRICELESS indeed!!” – Gina King
  • “Praying the Ignatian Annotation this second year has been more insightful than I could have imagined. The challenge to dig deeper into prayer wasn’t until I had another health and hospital experience that I truly started that search. My spiritual freedom turned my prayer life into looking for those gifts that bring us closer to God our father. It started a journey to find out who I am. It was not easy. My standard hour of daily prayer had become stale in some ways.  It took some time and spiritual direction but I now feel Jesus’s presence continually. I made a notation in my book the first year that I needed to find what was in my heart during Lent. I wanted more peace for my family and to expand my giving to others. I realize now that positive results were made for both concerns.  Both were answered prayers before I actually knew they were answered prayers from God. To receive the gifts and opportunities of spiritual, emotional, and physical awareness through the Holy Spirit is what I found during this Ignatian retreat.” — Terry Apple

Application (PDF format)
Application ( MS Word Doc)