First Communion

The community of St. John Neumann Church is privileged to journey with our parents as they prepare their children for First Communion. Children celebrate this sacrament for the first time in the spring of their second year of formation.

Typically, the celebration of First Communion happens in 2nd Grade. To prepare your child for Communion follow this typical pattern:

  • Enroll your child in 1st Grade and 2nd grade   Youth Faith Formation.
  • Assist your child in preparing for and celebrating First Reconciliation in the fall of 2nd Grade.
    • In the spring of your child’s 2nd Grade, attend the required parent meetings to learn more about the sacrament. 
  • Attend a First Communion retreat and a separate practice with your 2nd Grader.
  • Attend the First Communion celebration with your child and family, usually scheduled during the Easter season.

What if you have a child older than the typical Second Grade age who has not yet celebrated this sacrament? Please call the Faith Formation Office. We can work together to get your child caught up to their current grade level and prepare older children to celebrate their First Communion and Reconciliation. The policy is for children to be in faith formation for a full year before the beginning formation of Reconciliation and Communion.

We ask all families to attend Mass weekly. Parents are also asked to celebrate Reconciliation regularly as a model for their children.

Contact Information
Kristi Loar
Youth Faith Formation Coordinator
630-377-2797 ext 114

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