The Catholic Church considers marriage a sacrament, a vehicle for God’s graces to the couple and to the community.

Marriage in the Catholic Church is attractive not only because of its meaningful rituals and traditions but because of its impact on your life and happiness. Couples can fully appreciate its value they look at married life through the eyes of faith. Then you will see your wedding not as a one-day event but as the door to a great adventure that will last the rest of your life, a journey that involves not just you and your spouse but one that includes God, your children, your community and all of society. Marriage is not an isolated relationship. The family based on marriage is the fundamental cell of human society. The Catholic Church invites you to give meaning to your life by embracing the vocation of marriage and forming a family that is dedicated to cultivating and sharing God’s love.

Couples of faith are more successful and satisfied in marriage not because they have fewer problems than anyone else. What helps these couples grow and overcome obstacles is the help they find in God’s grace.

Wedding Procedures

At least 6 months before you plan to marry, call the parish office. Some initial information will be asked and this will get the process started.

You will be contacted to schedule an initial meeting with a priest

Schedule and attend the Rockford Diocese seminar: Gift of Self

Contact the Music Coordinator at the parish to schedule a musician and cantor

A mentor couple will contact you to go over your Fully Engaged workbook and inventory

Contact your church of baptism no sooner than 6 months before the wedding for a copy of your Baptismal Certificates with notes

Call the parish office to schedule a time with a priest or deacon for parents to sign Witness Affidavits (To establish freedom of marriage)

Your Wedding Coordinator will contact you to prepare for the ceremony

Wedding Cost

                                          Church Member                Non-Church Member
Chapel:                                        $150                                  $500
Church:                                       $250                                   $500
Presider:                                      $175                                  $175        
Accompanist:                               $200                                  $200
Cantors:                                      $150                                  $150
Wedding Coordinator:                   $100                                  $100
Sound Tech                                  $200                                  $200
(If musicians are not from SJN)    

Deposit: $200 (which will be returned within a week of the wedding if no extra clean-up is required)   

The customary stipends for non-members of the Parish are the same as above except the Chapel or Church: A donation of $500

All fees are due to the wedding coordinator before the rehearsal

If you would like to pay any fees in advance electronically, please click here