The liturgy is the summit to which all the activity of the Church is directed, and the fount from which all the Church’s power flows… 
(Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy a.10)

We gather as a community in response to God’s invitation, to open ourselves to the love of God so that it might change us, both as individuals and as a community.  In the liturgy we meet God in each other, we hear God speak to us when the scripture is proclaimed, we experience Christ as our leader in the ministry of the presider and are united to Christ in the Eucharist and other sacramental actions.  We go out from the liturgy to live the love and compassion of God in our world today.

If you have any questions, please contact Sr. Carol at Thank you for your consideration of this important Ministry!

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Ministry Opportunities

Sunday Mass Coordinator – Assist with Sunday Mass by checking that all ministers and the necessary vessels are in place before the liturgy begins.  Commitment:  Arrive 30 minutes before Mass; serve on a rotating schedule.

Daily Mass Coordinator – Assist with daily Mass by preparing necessary books and vessels and coordinating ministers to assist with the liturgy.

Ministry to the Homebound – Bring the Lord to the most vulnerable in our community: nursing facilities and group homes. Does helping the sick and elderly lighten your heart? Do you love the Eucharist? Do you have transportation? Commitment: Once a month.

Funeral Coordinator – Minister to grieving families in a behind-the-scenes way.  Prepare books and vessels for the Mass.  Commitment:  Arrive one hour before funeral; serve on a rotating basis.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy CommunionAssist in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass.  Commitment:  Attend training and on-going formation as offered. Arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass and serve on a rotating schedule.

Lector – Proclaim the Scriptures at Mass.  Commitment:  Attend training and on-going formation as offered.  Prayerfully prepare the readings and serve on a rotating schedule.

Ministers of Hospitality – Greeters – Great family ministry!  Greet each person as they arrive; offer a warm welcome, and give assistance or direction as needed.  Ushers – assist people as we gather for worship, facilitate collecting our gifts of treasure, and direct people to Communion.  Commitment:  Arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass and serve on a rotating schedule.

Sound Technician – Volunteers will assist music ministers with the operation of the sound system for weekend liturgies. Training  will be provided.

Video Recording Technician – Use our in-house video equipment to record Sunday 9:30 am Mass, some special liturgies, and/or to operate cameras for video relay to the chapel/Hermes-Media Center.  Commitment:  Sundays, 9:30 am – 10:30 am, and/or 8:30 am weekdays. On a rotating schedule. 

Altar Server – Youth in fourth through tenth grades assist the Priest at the altar during weekend liturgies. View Altar Server Manual.  Commitment: Attend training and ongoing formation as offered; serve on a rotating schedule.

Sacristan – Behind-the-scenes work cleaning the vessels for Eucharist, trimming candles, etc. The work is done weekly on a rotating schedule. Commitment: Two hours a month.

Linen Cleaning – Each week, the linens used during Mass are taken home, cleaned, ironed and returned. If you are interested to help, it would lighten the load. With at least 2 new volunteers, your responsibility would only be once a month. 

Seasonal Art and Environment – Environment sets the prayer mood for our Church seasons. Use your artistic eye, floral arranging skills or ability to help move things into place in this behind-the-scenes ministry. Assist with planning and arranging the environment seasonally or as needed.

Church plant/flower maintenance – Assist with the watering and care for flowering plants placed in the church and chapels during Christmas and Easter seasons. Commitment: about two hours at a time; serve on a rotating basis.

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