Pilgrimage to St. Thomas Sleeha Cathedral

Eucharistic Revival

Join the Syro-Malabar Catholic Community for Holy Qurbana (Mass) celebrated by Bishop Joy, on Sunday, June 30 at 5 pm, followed by a Eucharistic procession. Visit eucharisticpilgrimage.org/marian-route for details.  See the Q&A below for more details:

  • Where is this Cathedral located? 5000 Saint Charles Rd, Bellwood, IL 60104
  • Will a meal be provided? No, but everyone is welcome to enjoy dinner afterward at a nearby location.
  • What’s the Syro-Malabar? As one of 22 recognized Eastern Catholic rites, it’s in full communion with Rome. A vibrant Catholic community originating in Kerala, India, Syro-Malabar traces its origin to St. Thomas the Apostle.
  • Will the Qurbana (aka, Mass) be in English? Yes, but there will likely be some Malayalam (i.e., a classical language of India) heard as well.
  • Will this Mass count for my Sunday Obligation? No, so plan to attend Mass at SJN beforehand.
  • What is the primary reason for attending this event? Come experience another official rite of the Catholic Church, while also expressing your devotion to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Please register.

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