Mercy for the Starving

Registration to volunteer to help pack meals is now open!

Over 6000 kids die each day due to malnutrition according to Unicef.  This doesn’t have to be.  Thanks to organizations like Feed My Starving Children, who provide you and me with the opportunity to partner with them to pack meals that consist of vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice.

Lent is an especially good time to remember those less fortunate than us.  Part of our sacrifice to recall God’s love for us is to fast for one day.  Those who are starving haven’t had food for weeks.  They lose their hair, their skin begins to flake, their bellies swell, and they lose the strength to stand.  Through time, they lose their desire to live.  They have no hope of being able to function like a human being should.

You can make a difference in this child’s life by volunteering to participate in the upcoming Mercy for the Starving 2-parish meal packing event taking place on Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23.  The goal for this 2-day event is to raise over $40,000.00 and pack over 139,968 meals!!  Will you be one of over 700 volunteers to come to St Patrick Crane Rd Church to make a donation and pack these meals? Register here!

Please don’t keep this message to yourself.  The parishes of St Patrick and St John Neumann are counting on you to promote this event so that every person in both parishes knows about this event.  They realize that it is by you asking others to volunteer is the way the event will be a success.  You have until March 6 to flood the market with this notification.  After that date, the event will be open to the public for all remaining meal-packing openings. 


To accommodate the hundreds of volunteers walking in the doors of St Patrick parish to pack meals, we need to transform the rooms at the church so we can pack these meals.  This means there will be numerous volunteer position openings available for those who are willing and able in addition to the meal packing volunteers.  We will need to set up, take down, welcome volunteers as they arrive, check them in, hand out hair nets, and a host of other activities.  Click here to volunteer for one of these roles.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for one of these non-meal packing roles.

To gain further insight into the impact you can make on the life of a child, watch this short video titled “Until All Are Fed”

May your life be enriched by you making a difference in the life of a child and giving them HOPE that they will live one more day.

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