Our Lord Jesus said: “Peace be with you”. As Catholics we are called to promote peace in all areas of our lives. All our values and virtues most first be lived in our families, our domestic churches. Mother Theresa said when she was asked on how to promote world peace… “Go home and love your family”.

Our focus in this ministry, as missionary disciples following Jesus teachings, is to promote family peace as we serve as first responders to our brothers and sisters who need to restore the peace of mind, body and spirit in their lives due to domestic abuse.

We understand that we could be ministering all members of the family: mothers, fathers, children and elderly; as well as individuals involved in a relationship. 

Family Peace Ministry

One of our goals is to create awareness of this issue within our community and educate our parishioners on ways to promote family peace and to prevent and respond to domestic abuse. We will provide resources and promote prayer for all families.

All our initiatives will be to focus on how to promote peace in our families and provide a Catholic response to Domestic Abuse by bringing hope, help, and healing through education, resources, and research. We will provide the proper tools and skills to recognize domestic abuse and respond to it with compassion. We will refer people in need to the proper services to help them.

If the Holy Spirit is moving you to advocate for the peace of families and to bring hope, help, and healing to our brothers and sisters in need, please fill out the registration form below and we will contact you!

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.