Mission Statement: Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we, the family of St. John Neumann,
strive to become committed disciples of Jesus, growing as stewards of God’s gifts,
and sharing 
His love with all who are searching for the Truth.

“Who is going to save our Church? Not bishops, priests and religious. It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, bishops like bishops and religious like religious”
 – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Holy Spirit hasn’t left us. He walks with us as we navigate through this painful process. It is all God’s plan to shine a light on the sinfulness that the ordained have done to the vulnerable. God wants a healthier, holier Church. We pastors are not holier than the people we serve, and our institutions are not more important than the faithful. We are all called to live out our role, our vocation, our part in building up the Kingdom, the body of Christ. Sadly some of our church leaders have not responded in accordance to our faith. I am angry as I know many of you are. Let’s use that anger as an opportunity for growth, let’s find a path forward out of the pain. Shame and inaction cannot be our response. We cannot be so embarrassed that we forego our mission of bringing people to Christ. Now is the exact right time to evangelize. Christ is our healer, our beacon of hope, our all.

Women have been the backbone of the Church, the “worker bees.” Might I suggest that perhaps it is time for women to have more of a voice in a male-dominated environment. Pope John Paul II said, “It can thus be said that women, by looking to Mary, find in her the secret of living their femininity with dignity and of achieving their own true advancement. In the light of Mary, the Church sees in the face of women the reflection of a beauty which mirrors the loftiest sentiments of which the human heart is capable: the self-offering totality of love; the strength that is capable of bearing the greatest sorrows; limitless fidelity and tireless devotion to work; the ability to combine penetrating intuition with words of support and encouragement” (Redemptoris Mater, 46). Read full statement… 

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