A Spiritual Bouquet

May has traditionally been observed as a month dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. It is also the month in which we celebrate our earthly mothers on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day provides a beautiful opportunity to pray for all mothers, including those facing an unexpected pregnancy, those struggling with infertility, those who have lost children, and those who have lost their own mothers. And also to lift up the intentions of our heart and give thanks to Our Blessed Mother Mary for her maternal love and care for us.

A Spiritual Bouquet is individual prayers and acts of devotion offered up on someone’s behalf. This May we invite you to lift up the many intentions laid on your heart to Our Blessed Mother, honoring her, and giving her thanks for her maternal love and care and you can also send a Spiritual Bouquet to honor a special woman in your life. Each individual act is like a spiritual flower that when gathered with other acts and prayers becomes a “bouquet.”

For the special woman in your life, press the button below, fill out your card and you can either print your Spiritual Bouquet and give it to her personally or download it to send your virtual bouquet to your loved one via email. 

To offer a Spiritual Bouquet to Our Blessed mother, press the button below, fill out your intentions and you may print a copy for yourself.  Please download this document. For every download, we will create a digital flower and create another virtual bouquet to be posted in a future bulletin.  (no names will be listed). This Spiritual Bouquet will be in a future bulletin.

May this month of May be a remembrance of the beautiful vocation of motherhood and the gift of life. Let us all cherish the gift of life that we receive from our mothers, and let us entrust under the care of Our Blessed Mother Mary, all women to whom God has entrusted life in a very special way.