St. John Neumann The Path Forward Beginning June 2018

Document Updated April 23, 2019

Mission: To make disciples by encountering Christ, growing in Christ and being sent by Christ.

Strategy: To identify a path to discipleship: A disciple is formed when he or she Encounters Christ, Grows in Christ and is Sent by Christ.

Tactics and Goals:
1. Communicate the mission and strategy of the parish again, and again, and again.
    A. Mark and implement each year in the parish with a parish theme to
communicate a sense of community and guide encounter, formation, and
            • 2018-2019: Resting in the Healing Heart of Jesus
                     • Healing Mass – September 16, 2018
                     • Lenten Mission presented by Tom Quinlan: Jesus is Broken to Make Us Whole – March 31 – April 2, 2019
                     • Parish Retreat presented by Tom Quinlan: Jesus is Broken to Make Us Whole … and Joyful! – April 27-April 28
                     • Included features in Bulletin – on the cover and as prayer reflections throughout the year
    B. Include in homilies and Bulletin articles the central themes of discipleship: the necessity for personal conversion and mission,            focus on the kerygma, our calling to form missionary disciples of ourselves and those in our sphere of influence – throughout              2018 to present
    C. Use graphics to communicate the mission and path to discipleship – ongoing, including Hermes-Media Center kitchen wall and           hallway outside Nursery
    D. Overhaul web site – targeted to go live summer 2019
2. Plan and evaluate our processes, programs, and facilities in reference to our mission: Does this serve our mission to form missionary disciples? Are we in mission or maintenance mode?
    A. Form a staff leadership team to assist the pastor in implementing this vision across ministries and meet weekly – January 2019
    B. Conduct staff formation after weekly staff meetings – in 2018-2019 used “Tools for Rebuilding” by Fr. Michael White and Tom            Corcoran
    C. Hold a staff retreat focusing on being sent on a mission by God – May 2019
3. Attend to pre-evangelization by being intentionally hospitable, especially at those life moments when people fall back on their faith
    A. Implement pre-evangelization and evangelization moments for Religious Education parents, including Family Faith Gatherings            and Community Gatherings – FFG: September 2018. CG: September 2019.
    B. Revise Baptism formation program to make it more evangelizing –September 2018
    C. Revise Baptism registration process to simplify it and make it more evangelizing – February 2019, to be posted on the web site           in May 2019
    D. Implement evangelization efforts for Christmas and Easter Masses
                    • Christmas 2018 parking lot evangelization and Bulletin focused on non-parishioners
                    • Easter 2019 mailer to all communities in area and Bulletin focused on non-parishioners
    E. Plan and implement three major social events for our community per year such as:
                   • Participate in Scarecrow Fest – Fall 2019
                   • Hold St. John Neumann Feast, open to the community – January 2020
                   • Participate in the Saint Charles St. Patrick Day Parade – Spring 2020
    F. Evaluate the current RCIA program so insure that it evangelizes as well as catechizes
4. Implement ways to help people to Encounter Christ – make a personal relationship with Jesus and conversion central to parish life
    A. Hold one to two Alpha sessions per year
                   • January 2018; January 2019; September 2019; January 2020.
B. Hold at least two Schools of Prayer (“how to pray and praying”) per year.
                   • School of Prayer initial series by L’Alto – October 18, 2017
                   • Fr. Peck’s Teaching Mass – Feb. 28, 2018
                   • Therese Stahl’s School of Prayer class on relics – October 20, 2018
                   • Fr. Peck’s Oremus prayer class – January through March 2019
                   • Fr. Dennis’ School of Prayer on the Divine Mercy Chaplet – April 13, 2019
                   • How-To prayer resources on our web site – ongoing
5. Implement ways to help people Grow in Christ – take the time to mature disciples following a conversion moment
    A. Offer spiritual, intellectual, and human formation opportunities throughout the year – ongoing
    B. Offer and support the multiplying of small faith groups or discipleship groups.
                  • First series of discipleship groups – April through December 2019

                  • Evaluation of the first series – Spring 2019
                  • Second series of discipleship groups – May 2019
                  • Third series of discipleship groups – September 2019
6. Implement ways to help people Be Sent by Christ – resist a culture of volunteerism to raise up apostles of Jesus Christ
    A. Hold a Missionary Summit for all volunteer missionaries to form them in a sense of mission and purpose and energize them for           their call – September15, 2018
   B. Name our volunteers what they are: missionaries. Use the language “volunteer missionary” in all communications – Fall 2018
   C. Offer ReLit at least once a year – Spring and Fall 2018
   D. Offer modified version of ReLit in the 2019-2020 year
   E. Offer a charism discernment workshop at least once per year – Spring 2018 and one planned for Spring 2019
7. Undergird the entire effort with prayer
   A. Form an intercessory prayer group who meets regularly – January 2018
   B. Make prayer an intentional and larger part of staff meetings – January 2019
   C. Develop and implement a parish-wide prayer for all missionary efforts – Spring 2018 and Fall 2019

Reminder: There is no silver bullet. The culture of our parish will change when we hit a critical tipping point of missionary disciples in the parish. The process to achieve this point is a long, slow road of forming individuals one‐by‐one and avoiding “quick fix” mentalities. “If we would just do this …” never works. Disciples are formed singularly, not in large groups.