Respect Life Events 2021

Repeal of Parental Notification
Rosary at Parish on December 6

Last month the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives voted to repeal the parental notification act in the State of Illinois. This action when signed into law, as promised by Governor Pritzker, will remove the requirement that parents must be informed by an abortion facility 48 hours in advance of an abortion involving their daughter when she is a minor. Bishop David Malloy issued a statement condemning the repeal of the notification obligation. His statement can be found on the Diocesan website here.

St. John Neumann parish urges our parishioners to special action of prayer in reparation for the taking of the life of the unborn and the passage of this legislation. We will pray a Rosary of Life in reparation after our 6 pm Mass on Monday, December 6. Please join us for this prayer.

The parish also encourages civic involvement on the pro-life issue. The Rockford Diocese has posted the voting record on this legislation of Illinois Representatives and Senators on its website here. We encourage you to contact your representative either in writing or even by phone to respectfully convey to them that you are aware of the legislator’s vote on this issue. Thank those who voted to support life and express opposition to those votes which did not support life by repealing the parental notification. In both cases, you are encouraged to tell the legislator or the legislator’s assistant or even the message system that you will be praying for the legislator, but that if the legislator voted to support the repeal of parental notification, the legislator’s vote was unacceptable. If you are unaware of who your legislative representatives are, you can find them here.

As Catholics, we must continually demonstrate the value of the gift of human life and help to build a culture that cherishes and protects all life from conception to natural death.

Respect Life Prayers

  • For all Catholics: that during this Respect Life Month our hope in Christ’s resurrection will strengthen us in protecting the gift of human life; We pray to the Lord,
  • For women and men suffering after abortion, may the Church’s abortion healing ministry help them find peace and healing through Christ’s endless mercy; We pray to the Lord,
  • For those nearing the end of life, may they receive care that respects their dignity and protects their lives as they place their hope in the promise of eternal life; We pray to the Lord,
  • For those deprived of their human needs, and their human rights; that they may be given the dignity which God confers all his people; We pray to the Lord,
  • For all who are forgotten or thrown away, especially for the poor, the sick and the aged, that God might change our hearts and move us to love them as the image of Christ; We pray to the Lord,
  • For all who are lonely or afraid, for the people on the streets, old people in nursing homes, prisoners with no one to visit them, and all whom the world has forgotten; that Christ might lead us to them, We pray to the Lord,
  • For every person who suffers from violence, and especially for women whose pain breaks their hearts, that through the intercession of she whose heart was pierced with a sword, they might know peace and strength, We pray to the Lord,
  • For families and individuals who have left or fled their homes, seeker safer and better lives. We lift up to you their hopes, fears and needs, that they may be protected on their journeys, their dignity and rights; We pray to the Lord,
  • That on this Respect Life Sunday we may recommit ourselves to upholding the dignity of every human life; We pray to the Lord,
  • That the life of every human person, from conception to natural death, might be protected in our laws and cherished in our hearts; We pray to the Lord,

May God grant us the wisdom and courage to lovingly protect His gift of human life at every stage, in sickness and in health; We pray to the Lord. Amen.

National Life Chain – Stand on our church corner for one hour in silent prayer.  Pro-life signs are furnished. 

Pray with Us – group prayer opportunities are available here and in Aurora.  On the 3rd Friday of the month, we gather at the Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora for one hour of prayer.  Commitment: according to your schedule

Join E-mail Tree – Be informed and act upon proposed abortion legislation.

Respect Life Committee – help accomplish parish education, concerns, and projects.

Respect Life Helpers – Help with project details such as flowers, delivering baby gifts, assisting with Life Chain, and leading prayers.

Project Rachel - Hope after abortion

Project Rachel, a post-abortion healing ministry provides a supportive and confidential environment where you can begin the process of healing. For more information, please call (815) 387.3379 or email All inquiries are confidential. Visit the website: Peace starts here.