Our Parish Mission: To make disciples by encountering Christ,

growing in Christ, and being sent by Christ.

You are being called by God to be a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ! This mission is central in everything we do at the parish. Your path to discipleship is: to encounter Christ, to grow in Christ, and to be sent by Christ. This path is the central reality of our parish’s formational activities.

How are you encountering Christ? How are you growing in Christ? How are you being sent by Christ? How can we assist each other in discipleship?

One thing to keep in mind: There is no silver bullet to forming disciples.  The commitment we will have to make internally is to the long, slow road of forming individuals one by one and avoiding any “quick fix” mentalities. Saying “If we just do this …” never works. Disciples are formed singularly, not in large groups. Jesus started with 12 imperfect guys. Our journey is not about numbers. Our journey is about the relationship … with Jesus and the Church he founded.