Adult Formation

The Church teaches that an adult Catholic faith is characterized by three things: (1) Encounter: experiencing an ongoing conversion to Jesus; (2) Growth: being an active member in our Christian community; and (3) Being Sent: living as disciples in mission to the world. We are blessed at St. John Neumann with formal programs (listed below) that encourage these Christian goals. In reality, we encounter Christ, we grow in Christ, and we are sent by Christ in a myriad of ways. In the end, as Christian adults, we must keep our hearts open and be courageous. Christ calls us to orient our entire selves to him! Christ calls us to metanoia—a radical change of heart!

Our Catholic Response to Racism

Join us beginning the week of October 4 for a study of bringing Catholic Social Teaching to bear upon the racism present in our society. We as Catholics cannot remain silent. If we claim to live and speak and act as Christ would, we must re-evaluate our position on the systemic racism that exists in our nation. Every day, God sees the struggles we encounter, the choices we make, the impact on the world around us. God is watching. We must respond as our faith demands.

The goal of this fall study is to bring to light and combat inherent racism that shapes the world inequitably, leaving people of color at a disadvantage. Through improving our knowledge of the issues and bringing what we learn to prayer, we hope to discern the parish’s next steps in combating racism in our community and world. The study will dove-tail into the start of the parish’s Peace and Social Justice ministry. The study will be conducted via video conference, to be scheduled according to participants’ availability. To register complete the form below. For more information, see this pastoral letter against racism from the U.S. Catholic Bishops.

Other Sisters of Martha

The Other Sisters of Martha group invites all women to join them in a seven-week study, beginning Tuesday morning, October 13. The group will meet weekly online via Zoom and will complete the faith study, Trust, by Catholic Christian Outreach. This study is all about deepening your trust in God in all aspects of your life, so you can live in greater freedom. Participants will be given a link to purchase the Trust participant guide. For more information, contact Therese Stahl at If you are new to OSOM, please register below.

Our Father Study

Our Father Study: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Do you know what prayer summarizes the entire Gospel, includes all the prayers contained in the Bible, and is only 55 words long? The answer is the Our Father, the prayer that Jesus taught us.  If you have ever wondered why He said to “pray this way,” you are invited to join Dr. Lowell Yarusso for his Fall adult formation session, “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”  Join with us in this highly interactive session as we explore:

  • Your current understanding of the prayer
  • How the people to whom Jesus spoke would have understood the prayer
  • How to pray, not simply say, the Lord’s Prayer.

“Hallowed Be Thy Name” will be presented on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am in Room 213/215.  The first of the six weekly session will be held on October 14. To adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, seating is limited to 7 participants, and all participants must register in advance.

Comments of Past Attendees:
“You’ll never pray the Our Father the same.”  (Marianne H.)
“Mind opening – gives you a completely new perspective on the Our Father.” (Mike P.)
“Group discussions help. Hearing other inputs triggered some real ‘aha’ moments.”  (Terry A.)
“Wow! After all these years of saying this prayer I did not realize how much I missed.”  (Theresa K.) “
“It will expand your knowledge and make connections you never considered before.”  (Paul J.)

There is no fee for “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” To register, complete the form below.


Parish Study During Quarantine

Join your fellow parishioners in a study: The Wild Goose: Discovering a Deeper Relationship with the Holy Spirit. Here is how the study works. View the short video segments at home, beginning with the first three (in this order: Segment 1 God’s Love Poured Out, Segment 2 The Breath of God, Segment 3 Baptism in the Spirit & Fire) and then the rest of the video segments in any order. Take your time in working through each segment. This is not the time for binge watching. Each segment has a study guide (attached) that will lead you in reflection and prayer. This is actually a good study to do alone or with a family member or one or two friends over the phone, rather than in a larger discussion group. No small group meeting time to sign up for. Perfect for Shelter in Place!

We have added a few discussion questions for each segment on the MyParish App group called “The Wild Goose.” Please go onto the app to share your insights and prayers with your fellow parishioners. This sharing is an important part of the study. We are community, and we want to continue to feel in community during our isolation. If you do not have a free parish account yet, visit our Formed web page and click “Click this link for registration.” Be sure to remember your user name and password. Once on Formed, search “Wild Goose” to find the video series. For more information, email Therese.
Click here to view the Wild Goose Study Guide

Contact Information:

Therese Stahl
Director of Evangelization & Faith Formation



A Journey of Faith for Adults

What is R.C.I.A.?

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.
The RCIA is a process through which adults are fully initiated into the Catholic Church. These can be unbaptized persons, those who have been baptized in another faith tradition, those who have be baptized as Catholic but have not received either First Communion or Confirmation. Men and women may enter the program at any time throughout the year. Upon completion of the catechetical classes involved the Candidates will receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil.

Contact Information:

Mark Restaino
Director of Youth Ministry & RCIA Coordinator
630-377-2797 ext. 107

Sr. Carol Stevens
Director of Music & RCIA Coordinator
630-377-2797 ext 104