At this time of loss, please know that the prayer and concern of the community of St. John Neumann is with you.

As Christians, we find hope in this time of loss. We believe death is not and end, but a beginning; that the one you love has passed through death from this temporary life to a perfect and everlasting one. We believe that while death separates us now, it will be for just a short while. We will again be reunited in a dwelling place provided for us by God. The funeral Mass especially expresses this faith in Jesus’ victory over death and our personal share in that resurrection. It does so through prayer and blessings, through songs and reading, and through rituals and symbols. Please call the parish office to meet with our Funeral Coordinator to discuss the options for Mass.

Vigil Service
A Vigil (Wake) service is usually done on the evening prior to the funeral at the Funeral Home. It consists of prayer and reflection.  If requested, a deacon may be available to preside.

Mass information

Presentation of the Gifts
The Church encourages family members or friends to bring to the altar the gifts of bread and wine for the Eucharistic Celebration. Two to four people may be chosen.

Music affects our feelings and the atmosphere in which we pray. In the spirit of Christian death, we recommend that you consider hymns and songs which are joyful.  The Funeral Coordinator can help you with selections.

Scripture Readings
We have a list of popular scripture readings from which to choose. You may pick from the list or choose one reading from the Old Testament, one reading from the New Testament and a Gospel reading. Family members and friends are encouraged to read your selections from the Old and New Testaments. Father will read the Gospel. The Prayers of the Faithful may also be read by family or friends.  The Funeral Coordinator will help prepare those.

Rockford Diocese Norms for Speaking at Funerals
In the Diocese of Rockford, it is recommended that the Vigil (Wake) is the most appropriate time for members of the family and friends to share memories of the deceased or to pay tribute to the deceased through vocal remembrances, photographs, favorite songs, etc.

  • The reception after the burial is another appropriate time for the remembrances because there is less of an emotional burden and the context is looking toward the future in a more positive manner.
  • If a family member wishes to express appreciation or say something in remembrance at Mass, the following are to be firmly observed:
  • Only one family member or friend is to speak.
  • The words to be shared must be in writing and approved in advance by the priest celebrant.
  • Because of the intensity of emotions at the time of a funeral, the person who will speak is to be brief, that is, no more than three minutes.
  • This faith remembrance is to take place after the Prayer after Communion.
  • Because this is not part of the Liturgy of the Word, this remembrance is not to take place at the ambo, but at another appropriate place of the priest, celebrant’s choosing.

Live-streamed Funeral Mass Service
We can video/live-stream your funeral Mass. There is an extra fee to the Church, and a fee paid directly to the person who will be live-streaming. the service can be viewed live on our website for others not in attendance. You will receive a flash drive after the service.

If you would like to display some memories, we are able to provide; 1-2 tables for pictures and mementos, a microphone for talking points and easels for posters in the Hermes Media Center.               

The funeral director has a Prayer Service and is happy to preside at the gravesite.             

If a Funeral Home is used: Church/Chapel: $100. Viewing: $150. Video: $50

If a Funeral Home is not used:  Church/Chapel:  $200. Viewing: $250. Video: $50

Music: Accompanist: $100; Cantor: $100; Videographer: $100