Discipleship Groups: Delve into Stores of Encounter! This six-week study focuses on individuals who had radical encounters with Christ and went on to make a real difference in the world. The series, called “Restored: Stories of Encounter,” provides vivid and deeply human role models for all who desire life in Christ. By studying these six beautiful witnesses to the faith, we can find new ways to imitate Christ in our own lives. The cost for the study is $12.
“Restored: Stories of Encounter” is produced partly by parishioner-owned ODB Films. Producers Eric Groth and Katie Reidy will join us on May 4, 7-8 pm, to share their own stories of producing the film series. These are meant to be small groups, so registration for each study will be limited. For additional information, contact Therese (tstahl@sjnstcharles.org or 630-377-2803).