Drive-in/Tune-in with Communion

The parish provides a twice-monthly Communion service for those who cannot attend Mass in person due to the pandemic. The service is held in our West parking lot on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month during our 9:00 am Mass. You have the option of listening to Mass through our radio station or you can follow our live-streamed Mass on your phone. It is limited to 50 Communion recipients.  Communion (Precious Body only) will be brought to your car during the appropriate time of the Mass.  To ensure that we adequately prepare for the service, register below for the number of persons to be receiving Communion. 

What to Expect When You Arrive for the Communion Service:

• Park facing the Church using every other space, and wear a mask.
• Remain in your car for the Mass.  You will be able to hear the Mass on the radio (station provided onsite) or follow our live-streamed Mass on your phone.
• At Communion, exit your car but stay right in front of it to receive the Precious Body in your hand. We encourage you to sanitize your hands before the reception.
• When all in your car who wish to receive have done so reenter your car.
• An attendant/usher will assist you when leaving.

Outdoor Prayer

Join us in prayer at the outdoor prayer services noted below weather permitting. Our Mary garden is nearest the main Church doors (door #2). Our St. Joseph garden is on the grassy area adjacent to the west parking lot.

  • Liturgy of the Hours morning prayer on Mondays through Fridays following the 8:30 am Mass in the Chapel. At the St. John Vianney garden in spring.
  • Prayer for Priests Rosary on Thursdays at 9 am in the Church.
  • First Saturday Rosary after the 8:30 am Mass in the Chapel.

What to Expect When You Arrive for Outdoor Prayer:

  • The coordinator of the prayer will record your name and email address to facilitate contract tracing.
  • Wear a mask if the group is not maintaining 6-foot social distancing.