Communion Service

Beginning on Saturday, August 1, at 9:30AM, we hope to give those of you who cannot attend Mass in person the opportunity to attend an outdoor Communion Service.  This will be held in the Office parking lot at SJN and will be limited to 25 Communion recipients.  The Liturgy of the Word will be conducted from door #18 (opposite the rectory garage) and Communion (Sacred Host only) will be brought to your car.  You must register below for the number persons to be receiving Communion.  Complete procedures are as follows:

• Pre-register the number of recipients in our car.
• Park facing door #18 in the office parking lot using every other space.
• Remain in your car for the Liturgy of the Word. You will be able to hear and should have a sight line to the door where this is taking place.
• Exit your car but stay right in front of it to receive the Sacred Host in your hand. We encourage you to sanitize your hands before reception.
• When all in your car who wish to receive have done so reenter your car.
• An attendant/usher will assist you when leaving.

 We hope to do this on the first Saturday of the upcoming months