Catholic Education

In the summer of 1977, the Diocese of Rockford accepted a donation of land for the construction of a new parish to serve the needs of a growing Catholic community on the east side of St. Charles.  Gertrude and Maurice Regole, the donors of the land, requested that the new parish is named after a saint with the name of John, to honor their deceased son.  On June 19, 1977, John Neumann, fourth bishop of Philadelphia, was canonized a Saint.  Bishop Arthur O’Neill took advantage of the occasion to create the parish of St. John Neumann from the existing parish of St. Patrick in St. Charles.

St. Patrick School has always been an important ministry for both parishes, and we support St. Patrick’s whole-heartedly as we honor our roots.

St. John Neumann supports Catholic Education in its entirety.  For more information follow the links below:

St. Patrick’s School, St. Charles

St. Peter School, Geneva

Holy Cross School, Batavia

St. Joseph School, Elgin

St. Mary School, Elgin

Rosary High School, Aurora

Marmion Academy. Aurora

St. Edward High School, Elgin

St. Francis High School, Wheaton