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Evangelization Ministry

Alpha Coordinator - Alpha is a program aimed at preaching the basic Gospel message as a sort of "Christianity 101." Alpha is supposed to serve as an opportunity for people to encounter the foundational "why" of the Gospel and begin to take the first steps toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This role requires someone who is comfortable "emceeing" Alpha nights, whose personality is personable and affable enough to make people feel comfortable immediately, who is organized enough to coordinate the logistics of Alpha, and who can train small group leaders. The Coordinator will be part of the Evangelization Team. Time Commitment: 4-5 hours per week during Alpha sessions (2.5 on an actual Alpha night and then another 1.5-2.5 planning) and around 1 hour a week when they're not going on.

Alpha Team Member - Team members for Alpha include hosts (who lead conversation at tables), helpers (who stay at tables praying for the group), greeters, A/V support, food cookers/bakers, and set-up and take-down helpers. Both online and on-site training is involved for all Alpha volunteers. Time Commitment: several hours of training and about 2.5 hours on Alpha nights.

Discipleship Coordinator - Jesus, the master at evangelization, modeled for us a very specific method for forming disciples. Though His mission was universal, to reach the entire world, He chose to work closely to form an inner circle of twelve through whom He would accomplish that mission. Within that group, he worked even more closely with three. We should be inspired and compelled by this methodology. The Discipleship Coordinator will be responsible for discipling our disciplers, meaning, meeting one-on-one once a month to form, train, and support those we are commissioning to go into the parish and make disciples through small groups and one-on-one mentoring. The Coordinator will be part of the Evangelization Team. Time Commitment: 2 hours a week on an ongoing basis because the main responsibility would be 1-on-1 meetings with disciplers.

Discipleship Team Member - You will lead a small group of those growing in their faith, facilitating their growth so that they, in turn, can disciple others. We will train you to lead Bible studies, form small communities of faith, and then launch others into leadership roles as well. You will meet either in your home or at the parish to lead your small group. Time Commitment: Several hours of training and then 2 hours per week every other week.

Intercessory Coordinator - Any successful evangelizing initiative will only go as far as the intercessory prayer supporting it takes it. Intercessory prayer is the flame lifting the hot air balloon off the ground. This role needs someone who has a heart for the suffering of those who live their lives without Christ and wants to respond by offering up prayer and sacrifices for those people. The person will recruit prayers to be part of the intercessory prayer team and coordinate a monthly on-site prayer time with the team. The Coordinator will be part of the Evangelization Team. Time Commitment: approx. 1 hour per week.

Intercessory Team Member - You will keep our evangelization initiative in prayer by calling upon the Holy Spirit to form missionary disciples at St. John Neumann. You will be guided in prayer by the coordinator and staff. You will be invited to meet to pray as a team once a month in the Chapel, and may be asked to lead the prayer. Time Commitment: your normal prayer time, plus approximately 1 hour per month for a team prayer.

ReLit Coordinator - If we have encountered the personal love of Jesus and been built up in our knowledge and love of Him, how can we help but not place our gifts and talents at the service of the community? God has given each of us a specific mission, a way of living out the call of the Church to form disciples that only we can fulfill. To help you share the burning love that you have for Christ in your heart with others, we will be using the ReLit formation program. The coordinator will help recruit ReLit attendees and run each ReLit evening. The Coordinator will be part of the Evangelization Team. Time Commitment: three hours per week
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