Resting in the Healing Heart of Jesus
St. John Neumann 2018-2019 Parish Theme


Dear Parish Family,

We all need healing in our lives – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. This is true for us as individuals, for our families, as well as for our St. John Neumann faith community.

What are we suffering from: physical illness; spiritual separation from God and his community (sin); divorce; domestic violence; addiction; discrimination; divisions within our SJN community and the wider Church scandal, tribalism, factionalism; grief of loss and death; hurts caused by Church, staff, ministers  and others.

Jesus is our healer. He heals us wholly; he is the only one who can. He wants us healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically – sacramentally. He heals us through family, through the community, through the Church.

On September 16, 2018, at 6:00 pm Fr. Joe Jablonski of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart,(MSC) will be coming to celebrate a Mass of forgiveness and healing. This special Mass satisfies your Sunday obligation and we encourage all to come and experience the first step towards, “Life’s Healing Journey” as a faith community. The MSC’s have developed an international spiritual program that empowers and supports and guides us towards the road to forgiveness, acceptance, and growth.

Prior to the Mass, I ask you to take a few minutes to answer these questions for reflection and as a way of preparing your heart to be healed by Christ. There is also an RSVP so we can gauge the number of participants, but all are welcome.

We will be aided in our prayer by the participation of all of our music groups who are coming together for this special liturgy.

In Christ,

Fr. Peck
St. Thérèse of Lisieux – our patroness for the – year pray for us

Please take a few moments to answer these four questions in preparation for the Mass.