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FAQ’s about Access 180° High School Ministry:

Is HSM the same thing as Confirmation Prep?
Nope. Confirmation is part of the Religious Education Department and focuses on preparation for that specific sacrament. HSM focuses on a broad range of spiritual development with the intent to inspire teens to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus and his Church.

Do I have to register my child for Access 180°?
Yes, please. Click on the tab below. Everything you need to know in order to register will be there.

Does HSM cost anything?
We ask that each participant pays $100 to register. When you do the math, that’s less than $5 per event. Not too shabby.

What can I/my teen expect from HSM?
Authentic people sharing the truths of Jesus and the Catholic faith in ways that are relevant, engaging and definitely not boring. You can expect your teen to experience all sorts of opportunities to meet Jesus in ways that not only inspire them but also challenge them to live differently in the world. If you want to know more about the philosophy behind HSM and specific details about the program, click on the button below for the HSM Parent Handbook.

Why should my teen be part of HSM?
In all honesty, we can’t answer that for you. Do we want them there? YES! Do we believe their lives will be impacted by the ministry? DEFINITELY! But each teen will come with different expectations and different needs. Answering “why” has to come from you and your teen. Maybe the better question to ask is, “WHY NOT?”.

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Youth Ministry Opportunities

Access 180° Adult Leader – Be present and participate in Access 180° events, lead small groups when needed, and build relationships with the high school students who attend. Commitment: roughly 20 Sundays during the school year from 6:30-8:30 p.m.; Meeting with YM and other adult leaders 3 times each year to evaluate the program and offer input in planning and implementation. Must be at least 18 and a high school graduate.

Prayer Team – Agree to pray for a list of high school students from September through June. Commitment: No meetings; pray at your discretion; the team will receive a monthly email with prayer ideas.

Adult Chaperone – Supervise high school students at retreats or service projects. Commitment: Any and all events you choose. Must be at least 21.

Retreat Team Member – Assist with coordinating, planning or facilitating retreats for Middle School or High School students. Commitment: Meetings 2-3 months prior to retreats.

Service Project Coordinator – Coordinate service projects for high school students. Commitment: Meeting with YM prior to planning with the goal of choosing service projects that will enrich what students are learning at Access 180° and vice versa. Scheduling of at least 2 events, but can be more, including contacting volunteers and coordinating the project.

Service Team Member – Assist Project Coordinator in developing and coordinating service opportunities. Commitment: As determined by project needs

Summer Mission Trip Chaperone – Adult to accompany participants on week long mission trip in summer 2018. Dates will be announced in January of 2018.  Commitment: 1-2 pre-trip meetings, the cost of the trip and one-week travel time. Must be at least 21.

Summer Mission Trip Participant – High school students spend one week in summer 2018 serving those in need. Dates will be announced in January 2018. Commitment: 1-2 pre-trip meetings, the cost of the trip and one week of travel time.

Tech and Social Media Team – Assist YM in keeping the youth ministry social networks relevant (Facebook/Twitter), webpage teen-appealing and up-to-date on the latest technology and programs. Commitment: Monthly meetings with YM on a date/time to be determined by the group (could be video-conferenced). Tasks can be shared.


Diocesan Requirements for Volunteers

All volunteers within the Diocese of Rockford, who have contact with children or young people in their volunteer activities for parishes, are mandated to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete a Criminal Background Check;
  2. Complete an Acknowledgment of Mandated Reporter Status Form or verification update;
  3. Read and sign receipt form for the Sexual Misconduct Norms Booklet;
  4. Attend a session of the Protecting God’s Children Workshop; and
  5. Read and sign the Volunteer Acknowledgment for the Code of Pastoral Conduct of the Rockford Diocese.