Confirmation Mass
Saturday, May 25
10:00 am
What is Confirmation? From Latin confirmation – strengthening, consolidation. Confirmation is one of the Sacraments of Initiation into the Church, together with Baptism and Eucharist. Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism by a special outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which seal or “confirm” the baptized in union with Christ and equip them for active participation in the worship and apostolic life of the Church. (CCC, glossary)

What Confirmation is not: – Graduation, The End, The Conclusion, The Final Part of one’s faith journey
-Something that can be forced upon someone
-Something that must be done by a certain grade
-Something that should be rushed 

Contact Information
Therese Stahl
Director of Religious Education

What does our Confirmation Program look like? 

Details Sheet

Due November 1, 2018
 Confirmation Faith & Service Journal
 Due February 6, 2019
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St. John Neumann holds our Confirmation celebration in 8th grade. Confirmation preparation is a three-year program, in which youth study the Old Testament and stories of God’s covenantal love (6th grade), the New Testament and Jesus Christ as the New Covenant (7th grade), and preparation specific to the sacrament (8th grade).

On-site middle school classes are held Wednesday evenings 6:45pm-8pm. We also have a home study option available, in which teens work through the curriculum with their parents at home and periodically hand in written assessments.

High School students who are not yet confirmed are also invited to be prepared for the sacrament. Please contact the RE Office to arrange this.

All Confirmation students will be asked to participate in Confirmation retreats, choose a saint name, name a sponsor, complete a service project, participate in a Faith Conversation with one staff member, and participate in rehearsal and, of course, the Confirmation Mass.

Sponsors will be asked to view the DVD clips (online) that their candidates view during the Confirmation classes so that sponsors can have faith conversations with their candidates. Sponsors will also, of course, be asked to participate in rehearsal and the Confirmation Mass.

Parents are asked to assist their teen in completing a service project. The candidate will be asked to share the love of Christ with one other person or group of people, making the service significant and meaningful and surrounded in prayer. The candidate will complete a reflection sheet at the completion of the service. Examples of service include: cleaning home or cooking meals for a sick relative; organizing a neighborhood food drive; preparing for and running a charity race, etc. The corporal and spiritual works of mercy can be a guide to discerning how the candidate might live out the call of the Gospel. With this self-directed service, we remind families that the candidate will get out of the service what is put into the service.

In recognition that we cannot pass on what we do not have, parents will be invited to attend to their own faith formation, which sometimes gets pushed to the side in focusing on our children’s faith. Parents are invited to participate in the God Is retreat, a Christ Renews His Parish retreat or the Parish Mission. Dates for these will be announced as soon as the
2017-2018 parish calendar is finalized.

The date for Confirmation is set by the Bishop’s office. Once set, we will inform all those registered for preparation. We will also set dates for interviews, Reconciliation, and rehearsal.

To begin Confirmation preparation, register your child for Religious Education classes.