February 2017

Dear Parishioners, I present to you a Campaign Update, 

Campaign funds as of January 31, 2017

Total Pledged               $2,595,333.30
Total Paid                     $2,147,942.03
Balance Remaining      $   447,391.27

Thanks to the generosity of all of you who pledged to this campaign Fr. Carlos and I are now living in a very comfortable home. More importantly this wonderful renovation with serve the priests of this parish well into the future and we are very grateful. While the renovation is essentially complete, there are a few minor things left on the punch list along with a good amount of landscaping still left to be completed. Once complete the contractor will submit his final bill. I am very thankful for the way you have honored your commitment to the Sanctifying and Securing our Future Campaign.

Expenditures to date:

Debt: $811,403.00 (including mortgage payoff)
Church Fire System: $69,420.00
Adoration/ Marian Statue balance $ 18,187.91
DSA 2015 $49,000.00
HVAC System Rectory $18,870.00

Renovation Contractor Service Construction paid to date $208,303.05
Rectory window treatments, furnishings appliances $44,861.97
Total Expensed TD $1,201,175.93 

Items in the Campaign Case still to be completed

HVAC updates
Security Improvements
Lower level Flooring Replacement

Over the summer we will begin to work on necessary HVAC replacements in the main building. Once all of the areas are identified and specific costs associated, we will proceed to the next items on our list. We fully intend to complete these projects as outlined in our case statement. As with all things some modification may be necessary in order to spend the remaining funds wisely and still accomplish our goals.

We still have an outstanding balance for DSA 2016 which will have to be paid by June 30, 2017. If everyone fulfills their DSA pledge our shortfall will still be approximately $60,000.00 which will have to be satisfied.

I want to again express my appreciation for all the people of St. John Neumann Parish and for your outstanding witness to Christian Stewardship.

Fr. Peck