Volunteer for the Alpha Ministry by contacting Therese Stahl at Some roles include:


The small group hosts and helpers maintain a safe environment for guests to share openly.

Hosts lead a small group discussion. They are:

  • warm and caring
  • good listeners
  • friendly
  • okay with silence in the group
  • able to facilitate the conversation during the small group time
  • willing to pray for the small group on a regular basis

Helpers mostly stay quiet. They are:

  • warm, caring and friendly
  • good listeners
  • proactive and seek out the quieter guests to befriend them
  • happy to allow others to speak first in the small group
  • willing to pray quietly while the small group is meeting
  • willing to pray for the small group on a regular basis


This fun, servant-hearted crew of volunteers cooks the meals, takes care of logistics, greets people and provides administrative support.

Tech Support:

  • ensures the right audio and visual gear are set up and tested so that everything goes smoothly

Décor Team Leader:

  • dreams of creative ways to make the meeting space more welcoming and fun
  • probably loves to spend a lot of time on Pinterest

Meal Coordinator and Cooks:

  • sign-up to provide a meal for the Alpha Thursdays
  • secures a team to assist in the meal preparation and clean up*
  • plans the menus
  • works with the Alpha administrator to plan the budget
  • purchases the food
  • oversees the preparation and serving of the food
  • delegates and manages the cleanup
  • understands this team is vital to the success of Alpha

*Some meal teams gather the names of all the hosts, helpers and small group guests in order to pray for them while washing dishes or preparing food.


If you have a larger Alpha it’s a good idea to have a few friendly people available to help with this.

  • welcomes guests at the entrance(s)
  • assists them in the childcare area (if offered)
  • shows them where the food is being served
  • introduces them to their small group

Prayer Support

Pray in our Chapel for the Alpha team and participants while they meet together. Call upon the Holy Spirit to open hearts and minds to the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ.